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Why It’s Important To Have A Yearly Contact Lens Evaluation

Do you currently have contacts? If so, all contact lens wearers should have a contact lens evaluation every year. This way, Dr. Krannawitter will be able to perfect the prescription, fit of the lens, and evaluate how the eye reacts to the material in the lens. This yearly contact lens evaluation gives the patient a chance to discuss any problems they had with their previous lenses or if they would like to try a different type this year. Dr. Krannawitter is happy to answer any questions you have and share any new type of lenses that would better fit your lifestyle. Every year new technology is being introduced to the market and Dr. Krannawitter likes to keep her patients aware of what could benefit them. The evaluation includes any follow-up visits regarding the contact lenses for one month.

Contact Lens Options Include:

  • Colored contact lenses
  • Daily disposable contacts: the ultimate in convenience. Wear them once and throw them away.
  • Extended wear contacts: lenses you can sleep in.
  • Bifocal and Multifocal lenses: help lessen your dependency on the need for reading glasses.

Are you new to wearing contact lenses, or think you might need them? Make sure to let our team know when you schedule your appointment so we can help you learn how to put in contacts and have plenty of time to practice inserting and removing them. We will also teach you proper care for contact lenses.

We currently use vendors for our contact lenses. To learn more about them, please visit their website.