eye inspection tool

Krannawitter Eye Care provides unique, full service eye care for patients living in Lenexa, Overland Park, Shawnee, Olathe, and other surrounding Kansas City neighborhoods. We strive for excellence in eye care and combine state of the art technology with years of experience to provide an eye care plan personalized to you.

Our eye care starts with our optometrist, Dr. Krannawitter, providing a comprehensive eye examination to evaluate your vision. Dr. Krannawitter will screen for corneal disorders, ocular allergies and dryness, test visual acuity, check for cataracts and macular degeneration, and more. Dr. Krannawitter makes each patient feel comfortable and she is willing to explain each step and answer any questions you may have about your eyesight and eye care plan.

Eye Exams

Every comprehensive eye examination includes screenings for corneal disorders, ocular allergies and dryness, three separate screenings for glaucoma, eye muscle alignment, pupil abnormalities, and retinal disorders such as diabetes or hypertension. These tests are done in addition to finding the perfect prescription for your glasses and contact lenses. We strive for excellence in patient care and appreciate your trust in our expertise.

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