eye technology diagram

Our Technology

Krannawitter Eye Care uses all updated technology in our practice to provide you the most up-to-date evaluations. We use a retinal imaging device called OPTOS. This advanced imaging scan allows us to more thoroughly evaluate the back of your eye at the time of your examination. Without this technology, pathology in the periphery may go undetected using traditional examination techniques and equipment. Our high resolution imaging device is a non-contact pole-to-periphery view of more than 80% or of the retina in a single patient friendly capture. A thorough screening of the retina is critical to verify that your eye is healthy. This can lead to early detection of common diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and cancer. This exam is quick, painless, and does not require dilation drops.

This non-invasive procedure allows Dr. Krannawitter to see a broader and more detailed view of the retina than conventional methods. When reviewed by Dr. Krannawitter, the scan becomes a permanent part of your medical file, enabling Dr. Krannawitter to make important comparisons if potential vision threatening conditions show themselves at a future examination. We strongly believe that the Optomap retinal imaging is an essential part of your comprehensive eye exam and we prescribe it to all of our patients once per year.

To view videos of retinal imaging or for more information, visit www.optos.com.